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In the quest that the gambling giant Betway is currently undertaking in order to reach the biggest possible audience, another step taken by the bookmaker has been to greatly optimize their mobile software.

A few months ago a completely new version of the Betway mobile app was released. Besides some new features and bug fixes, probably the most highlighted new feature that this iteration offers to its customers has been a deeper optimization, which means that now more devices than ever before are capable of optimally executing it.

Considering that Betway also has a very active casino area, with a very large selection of games that can be graphics intensive at some moments, it is essential to optimize such games so that people with less powerful tablets or smartphones can properly play them, without compromising the visual quality, which is something fundamental when speaking about a mobile casino app.

This article will explain how to Betway app download in both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones for people who hasn’t installed the software yet. Also, the new system requirements will be detailed too, with that the readers will understand how good the optimization process has been, and why more people than ever can have the Betway experience directly at the palm of their hands.

Before starting, it must be said that currently no version of the Betway Kenya app exists for devices operating under Windows Phone.

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Obtaining and setting up the Betway apk in gadgets with Android

Going into specifics, now the process of how to install the official Betway software in smartphones and gadgets operating with Android will be explained. However, before going into the step by step guide, it is essential to clarify that unfortunately it is not possible to Betway app download directly from Google Play.

The reason for that is quite simple: the current terms and conditions that Google impose to all developers who want to distribute their software through the Play Store, indicate that betting apps that involve the use of real money are simply not allowed.

This is a universal policy that affects all online betting companies, not just Betway. In this regard, it must be said that Betway users have nothing to worry about, because as explained, this exclusion has nothing to do with the company itself.

Having clarified this point, now it is possible to start digging into the step by step process of obtaining the Betway apk from outside Google Play. As always, downloading and installing the software is completely free, and must be done by performing the following actions:

  1. Visit the mobile version of the Betway website by using a web browser in the device where it is intended to install the program
  2. Find the Downloads section, and find the desired Betway apk inside there. Tap it in order to begin its download
  3. Execute the apk file once its download has finished
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on screen

At this stage, it is likely that most users will encounter an error or warning that will prevent the installation from continuing, citing the current security configuration of the device. This happens because by default most Android gadgets, for security reasons, forbid the installation of software obtained from places other than Google Play, Samsung Store, the Huawei AppGallery, or any other official store.

However, it is very easy to revoke this and allow the installation to continue. To do this, the user must go to the general settings of the phone and find the security menu inside there. Among the many options displayed within that menu there should be one called “unknown sources” which should be turned off at the moment of encountering it. After finding it, the user must turn it on. At that moment, it is possible that the device will ask whether to permit only this installation or every other installation of this kind made in the future. This is completely up to the customer to decide.

Having changed that configuration in the security settings, the installation of the Betway apk should continue and finish automatically. After that, the application will be ready for being used immediately. It is advised to regularly visit the downloads section of the Betway website, as updated versions of the apps are released from time to time. It is always recommended to have the most recent version installed.

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Making a Betway app download in iOS is far simpler

As the title of this section implies, the process of obtaining and installing the Betway Kenya app in iOS is much easier, because the user only needs to visit the AppStore (which is the official software store for iPhone and iPad devices) and find it as it would be done for any other program.

The fact that Apple doesn’t have the same kind of prohibitions that Google has brings another positive consequence for iOS users: that the Betway mobile app will always be automatically updated from the AppStore, this ensures that they don’t need to worry if they have the most up to date version, because it will always be like this.

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System requirements of the Betway mobile app

At the beginning of this article, it was highlighted how good the optimization of the Betway app has been. This can be seen much better when digging into the hardware requirements for both compatible ecosystems.

Beginning with the Apple mobile operating system, people who want to Betway app download in gadgets operating with that system must know that their devices must have at least iOS 7.0. In other words, this means that all versions of iPad, even the oldest ones, are capable of running the app. In the case of the iPhone, it is necessary to have an iPhone 5 or a more recent version.

In the case of the system requirements for Android gadgets, they must have at least Android 4.1 or a newer version of the operating system. At the same time, they must have a screen with a resolution no smaller than 320×480 pixels. Any device that can fulfill these requirements, no matter what is their brand or model, will be able to execute the application without issues.

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Conclusions obtained after testing the Betway app

It must be said that the current iteration of the Betway app offers every feature currently available in the desktop software. This means that there is no fundamental differences between using the portal from a computer or from a mobile device.

Users can place pre match and live bets in all markets (with the same odds found in the desktop version), enjoy the live streamings, they also can play all the games available in the casino, claim all the Betway bonuses and promotions, and even join directly from the Betway mobile app if they don’t have an account yet.

However, as introduced at the beginning of this article, what stands out the most is the spectacular optimization that the developers of the Betway mobile app have managed to achieve for the software.

Thanks to this, more players than ever before can play and bet from their smartphones and tablets, because the most recent version of the program works in the great majority of the smartphones and tablets currently available in the market. Ultimately this is another reason that explains how big Betway has become during recent years.Registration + Bonus

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