The different Betway promo code significantly increase the chances of winning in Kenya

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It could be affirmed that the Betway promo code Kenya currently offered come in all colors and flavors. While this is not a literal fact, the truth is that there are really multiple types of different Betway promotions being offered in the entirety of the website.

Some of them are targeted towards new members, while others are for existing customers. However, both types share one fundamental thing in common: they intend to create enthusiasm and encourage people to actively participate in everything that Betway has to offer. This article will detail some examples of these benefits.

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Since a few months there is a brand new Betway new customer offer for casino fans

The majority of the activity that takes place in Betway is located in its sports betting area.

Considering this fact, and attempting to boost the levels of activity in the casino, the bookmaker decided to implement a brand new Betway welcome offer targeted especially to this section. In order to claim this sign up bonus the following steps must be made:

  1. Through the bookmaker’s official apps for Android or iOS or the website, access Betway
  2. Create a new account by following the instructions shown on screen
  3. Ensure to place a check over the checkbox indicating that it is wanted to obtain one of the Betway welcome offer
  4. Activate the account by checking for the email sent by Betway to the player’s inbox

This Betway new customer offer can provide up to US$1.000 to be used exclusively in the casino. For obtaining the maximum amount it is necessary to make three separate deposits. The terms and conditions of this bonus dictate that it will award an amount equivalent to the totality of the first deposit up to US$250. This means that if the user makes the first deposit for said amount, an extra US$250 will be awarded.

Secondly, the promo awards 25% of what was added during the second deposit up to US$250. This means that if an user wants US$250 again, the second deposit must be for US$1.000 or more.

Finally, the bonus will award 50% of what is added in the third deposit, with a top amount of US$500. This means that once again, it is necessary to deposit US$1.000 to get the maximum amount offered at this stage of the promotion. In all three cases the amounts are awarded automatically. It is not necessary to add a Betway promo code at any stage.

Summarizing, if someone wants the full US$1.000 bonus amount, it is necessary to make deposits worth US$250 + US$1.000 + US$1.000 = US$2.250. While that amount can be extremely large for the great majority of the public, the bonus nonetheless will respect the percentages previously described, as long as all deposits are for a minimum of US$20.

If someone wants to obtain the classical sports Betway new customer offer, the same steps described before can be made. It is worth remembering that said benefit awards the totality of the amount added in the first deposit up to US$30 in free bets, which can be used in the online gambling area, either in pre match or live wagers.

As always, ensure to read and understand the terms and conditions of this and every other Betway promotions available out there, because that is the place where the details of how a certain Betway bonus work are revealed.

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People who want to claim any of the Betway promotions can use the payment methods described below

Betway has been cooperating for a long time with a lot of different online payment services and digital wallet providers. Examples of these services include Neteller, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, Paysafe Card, Payeer, Entropay and PayPal. All of them allow customers to make withdrawals and deposits.

Also, it is possible to use credit and debit cards for this purpose, while wire transfers are also available and are one of the most used means used nowadays. Once again, these forms also allow users to deposit and withdraw.

Considering that cryptocurrencies have been gaining a lot of traction during recent years, Betway started to accept them as a valid form of payment since a few months ago. Currently the clients can make use of Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin, with others expecting to join soon.

No matter which of all these methods is chosen, all of them allow deposits that are reflected instantly, and withdrawals that usually take between 1-5 days to appear in the account of the customer. This delay is because in all the countries where Betway operates, and by its own internal regulations, all withdrawals are subjected to a detailed security protocol, which intends to examine the transactions in order to avoid that they are being used as a mean for money laundering or other criminal activity.

It is very positive for Betway to do this, as the sportsbook guarantees to its customers that the services are transparent and secure. Every form mentioned can be used in any moment, including the first deposit for obtaining an initial Betway promo code Kenya.

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Conclusions after examining the Betway promo code

One of the main conclusions that can be drawn after examining these Betway promo code Kenya and other bonuses is that the company takes used feedback very seriously. After all, this was the reason why the company decided to implement the aforementioned casino welcome offer.

Customers of any service like to know that their opinion is being heard and considered. If Betway continues to follow this path, and also providing the same amount of promos that they current offer, their next years look absolutely positive.Registration + Bonus

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