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Most bookmakers tend to rely solely on their large amount of betting markets and games as a mean to attract new customer to their ranks. However, Betway has understood that while having a big catalogue is good, it is by no means enough to guarantee success of the company and a satisfactory experience for its users.

This is the moment where the Betway bonuses come into play. They are capable of working in all the sections and markets currently covered by the sportsbook, and the benefits that they provide allow members to feel that they really stand a chance of winning good prizes.

As an example, the Betway jackpot bonus is probably the most desired reward among all the customers of the sportsbook. While the amount of the prize that can be won through it can be hugely attractive, it will never attract so many people if everyone felt that it was impossible to obtain it. This is why the company must ensure that all members have a real probability of earning such prizes if they make use of the offered services.

This article will detail some Betway bonuses currently on offer, and with this information it will be possible to understand how they have managed to seem reachable to the players.

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Why everyone must read the Betway bonus terms and conditions

Despite how annoying some people may consider that the terms and conditions of a service, which many times can look like a meaningless long text with some words that can be difficult to understand, they exist for a very reason, and it is hoped that after reading this section the readers can understand their importance.

In the case of the Betway bonus terms and conditions, it is fundamental to deeply comprehend them, as they contain a lot of aspects that regulate how a certain promotion works at a fundamental level. In other work, they dictate how to use Betway bonus.

Some aspects where the users should put a lot of attention include expiration dates of a certain benefit. All Betway bonuses, without exception, have a maximum date after which they are no longer valid, so make sure to be aware of that fact in order to not miss the opportunities given by a bonus code.

On the other hand, other bonuses indicate through their respective terms the types of bets and games for which they are intended to be exclusively used, or others that are excluded. For example, the bonus for new members, which will be explained in great detail in the following section, has some minimum odds requirements that must be met before using the amount for Betway free bet that they provide.

Something that distinguishes Betway from other bookmakers, is that the first deposit that is required for obtaining the Betway welcome bonus can be made with any of the available payment methods. This is different from other bookmakers that, while offering a nice selection of forms of payment, they severely limit the options that can be used in said first deposit.

In general, it is essential to understand the terms and conditions of all Betway bonuses, services and promotions. There have many instances where players complain to the customer support team because of a promotion that they can’t use as they wanted, and the reason for that has been, most of the times, something that was written all the time in said terms and conditions. So, to not repeat those situations, make sure to read and understand what the company is trying to say in those terms.

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How the Betway Kenya bonus for new player manages to give them an impulse?

For those who may not know, Betway is offering one of the most attractive sign up bonuses among all the large bookmakers active nowadays. It provides up to US$30 that can be spent in Betway free bet opportunities, both in pre match and live modes.

Obtaining this bonus requires to create an account in the sportsbook. This process can be done for free through the official Betway mobile app for Android and iOS, and to claim this offer the following steps must be done:

  1. Create an account
  2. When signing up, ensure to put a tick over the checkbox saying that the new customer wants the welcome Betway Kenya bonus
  3. Activate the newly created account
  4. As the last step to get this bonus, make a deposit for a minimum of US$10

This bonus works like this. It adds to the customer’s account an amount of cash equal to the totality of what was first deposited. As an example, if the new customer who wants the bonus decides to deposit US$10, the bonus will provide another US$10. This takes the total cash balance to an amount of US$20.

In other words, this bonus duplicates the original amount that was added. The maximum amount provided by this sign up offer is US$30. Of course, this is no free money that can be withdrawn and spent elsewhere. Once again, the terms and conditions regulate the usage of this amount.

In general, they dictate that all new members who obtained the benefit, must employ it in at least 5 accumulator bets. All these accumulators must be composed of at least three individual bets with odds of 1.40 or more.

There are no specific sports that are mandatory or excluded when making use of this Betway Kenya bonus, which means that the customer’s enjoys a lot of freedom when deciding how to employ this amount, as long as it is within Betway sports and fulfilling the aforementioned requirements. These non strict terms are a great way to encourage people to sign up, and take advantage of the impulse that they receive when starting their Betway adventure.

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What is the Betway free bet club?

Of course, keeping current customers happy and encouraged is as important as attracting new members. For this reason, one of the most frequently used means for keeping things active in Betway is the Betway free bet club. This is an instance that rewards every player who wagers a minimum amount of US$25 in one week, with a further US$10 to spend the following week in the same section of the portal without restrictions.

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Everybody’s favorite: the Betway jackpot

Probably all Betway members have made use of the free bet chances offered by the welcome bonus. However, the most desired promotion is the extremely well known Betway jackpot bonus. This is a benefit that can be obtained exclusively through the Betway casino. Its popularity proves that this company is much more than betting in football matches.

It works like this. There are certain games that for a few days allow players to play for the usual prizes that they offer, but at the same time, some lucky people who play them will be selected at random to play their chances for the Betway jackpot Kenya.

The games that can give this prize are being changed every few days, for that reason, players are encouraged to visit different parts of the casino, in order to increase their chances of encountering an opportunity for playing for the Betway jackpot Kenya, which so far, has made hundreds of Betway players happy by awarding them prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars.

To summarize, the different Betway bonuses currently available have managed to offer the players of the portal a real opportunity of earning juicy prizes. This has been achieved thanks to a careful design of those bonuses, where aspects such as the places and times when they appear, and of course, what they ultimately provide, have made them extremely attractive and desired by the clients.Registration + Bonus

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